Rajinikanth asks fans to be battle-fit, ready for war

Updated by admin on Friday, May 19, 2017 10:01 AM IST

Chennai: Tamil superstar Rajinikanth has asked his fans to be battle-fit and be ready for war when it comes. The statement on May 19 has
indicated that Rajinikanth could take the plunge into politics ahead of the next general elections.

Rajinikanth has been meeting his fans distrcit-wise for photo ops for the last five days. On the last day of the interaction, Rajinikanth
asked his fans to do their duty towards their jobs and their families, and that he himself would do the same. The kings in the past
would keep their people battle-fit through various games and sports like Jallikattu, sword-fighting, kabaddi etc. "They would be
maintained in a state of readiness and to be physically fit. When the time comes for war, they would all take the plunge. Similarly, all
of you keep yourself fit and be battle-ready. When the time comes for war, let us get into action", he said.

Rajinikanth clarified a few things by of rejoinders to those who were critical of his statemwent five days ago. On why he should enter
politics when others were there, Rajinikanth said he wanted to do something good for the people of Tamil Nadu who had stood by
him and helped him over  decades. Aren't there others? Why should you want to do it? is a question that can be asked. He referred to
DMK working president M K Stalin, as a good friend, and a good administrator. Cho himself had said that Stalin would do well in
administration if given a free hand. Similarly, Anbumani Ramadoss of the PMK had good views, adopted clear stand on various
issues, come up with good models for administration. VCK leaders Thirumavalavan and Seemaan (NTK) were also good speakers
and came out with several views on various subjects.

However, the system had gone wrong, and democracy itself was in bad shape, and these need to be corrected. And that was why, he
thought of doing something to correct the situation, Rajinikanth said.

Rajinikanth's statement indicated that though others were there (as people had mentioned in various fora like social media including
Twitter), they were not able to change the situation. In other words, they had become part of the system themselves.

Rajinikanth said to change the system, the mind-set and views of the people must change. He said he would like that to happen.

It is apparent that Rajinikanth sees himserf as a vehicle of that change but the timing of his decision would left "in God's hands",
meaning it could come later.

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